"photography is an emotional exchange with yourself, so distant from reality that it seems like a daydream" "


Architect, born in Sanremo in 1964. He only started taking pictures at the age of 35 and reconciled his free profession with photography. He is fascinated by the sign, by the composition of the image and by his own expressive power. The thirst for knowledge, the student and professional heritage, as well as the masters of photography, have contributed to forming the starting point of a continuous photographic evolution, leading to the creation of rigorous and visionary works at the same time. He was a professor of photography / Fine Arts Academy of Sanremo; Founder and Vice President Sanremo Photo Academy; Member of the Photoclub Riviera dei Fiori and FIAF. Currently, member of the SPAZIvisivi association; Promoter of exhibitions and photography courses for children.